RTDS Social Responsibility Initiatives


At RTDS a strong sense of social responsibility is an integral part of our value system. We are committed to contributing towards society and have supported various social initiatives.

Operation ASHA

RTDS recognizes the importance of a sound health care system for any society. A healthy society is one of our primary social goals and in the process, we make contributions to Operation ASHA in various ways such as supporting financially, delivering motivational speeches and awareness lectures, etc.

Operation ASHA provides tuberculosis treatment and health services to poor and underprivileged in India‚Äôs urban slums and rural villages. Being one of the largest NGOs in the world, Operation Asha’s efforts have availed health services to more than 8.9 million people in more than 4,000 slums and villages in India and Cambodian provinces.


The Earth Saviours Foundation

RTDS is concerned about the people who are less privileged and is willful to support them with better living facilities. We have been working with The Earth Saviours Foundation for its social and environmental causes. RTDS supports their efforts with financial help as well as usable materials.

The Earth Saviours Foundation, founded by Ravi Kalra in 2008, is a dedicated NGO that is making every possible effort to protect the environment and less privileged people. The NGO serves in a number of ways such as being an old-age home, a rescue center for disable people, running ‘Do Not Honk campaign’, etc. It is a recipient of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Prestigious Award for Excellence in Humanitarian Services.


Society For Development of Rural Literature

Rural literature, regional art & culture, and civic issues play an important role towards broad spectrum development of any society. RTDS associates with Society for Development of Rural Literature in order to pursue the social goal of community development. For the NGO, RTDS has served monetary support in order to promote rural literature in the region.