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IT Infrastructure



Citrix Administrator (1 Positions)

Title: Citrix Administrator

No. of Positions: 1
Business Unit: Cloud Telephony & IT Infra

Professional Experience: 2 to 5 Years

About RTDS:

Operatingforoveradecadeandheadquarteredinthetechcity,Gurugram,RealTimeData ServicesPvtLtd.isagroupofcompaniesthrivinginthedomainofglobalinformationtechnology by serving clients in the field of Cloud Computing, Telecommunications and Unified CommunicationasaService(UCaaS).RTDSgroupconsistsofreputedbusinessescompetingin theIndian,UK,andUSmarkets, includingAcefone( https://www.acefone.com;)andServetel ( https://www.servetel.in;),whicharecloudcommunicationproviders;andAceCloudHosting ( https://www.acecloudhosting.com;)which is a cloud hosting service. Our global tier-1 network andrangeofintegrateddatacentresempowerustoprovideflawlessservicestoglobalcustomers spreadacrosstheworldviaManagedHostingServices,ManagedStorageandBackUp,Managed DatabaseandCo-location.Ourexpertiseincloudcomputing,cloudtelephony&otherITservices allowsustodeliversolutionsthatsimplifythebusinessandenhancetheirperformance.

Official Website: https://www.myrealdata.in/

Our offered solutions

  • Accounting and business applications on thecloud
  • Servervirtualizationandconsolidationsolutionsforbuildingprivateclouds
  • Cloud-basedcommunicationservicestoconnectwithinorganizations
  • Providealean,scalable,bespoke,andcost-effectivetelecommunicationservicetohelp businesses expand theirbusinesses

WebelievestronglythatthespacebetweenNextandNowis“How”.Howweensureweareone stepaheadofwhatthebusinessesneedisbyexploringandcreatingnewfrontiers.Converting technologytrendsintoadvantagesforourclientsisourforteandwithourofferingswehelp enable our clients- business in their pursuit of“Next”.


  • More than 6,000 Clientsglobally
  • TechnologyPartnersofTATAtolaunchhostedContactCentreServices
  • Microsoft Direct Partner under the CSPProgram
  • Intuit authorized Commercial HostingProvider
  • RegisteredNASSCOM,InternetTelephonyServicesProviders’AssociationinUK
  • User Favourite Award by Accountex USA in 2016, ‘Great User Experience Award’ by Finances Online in 2018, K2 Quality Award for Customer Satisfaction in 2019, VMware Accelerating Cloud Provider Partner Award2020
  • 8 Data centres located acrossUSA

What’s in it for you? / Why work for us?

  • Workinanautonomous,agile,anddynamicenvironment.
  • Performance driven, rewarding and respectful workculture.
  • Ample opportunities to learn andgrow.

Key Functional Responsibilities:

  • BeresponsibleformonitoringandmanagementofVDIInfrastructure.
  • ManageinfrausingVMware,OpenStackandothervirtualizationplatforms.
  • Handleoperationtaskslikemonitoring/alerthandling,incidentmanagement,change management, system installation &provisioning.
  • Optimizeandmonitorserverperformanceandinfrastructurecosts.
  • ContributetoRootCauseAnalysisandcoordinatewithothersupportfunctionstoresolve Issues in a timelymanner.
  • Identify design problems and devise elegantsolutions.
  • Troubleshoot terminal servers and Citrix VDIenvironment.
  • Work independently and execute tasks withprecision.
  • Analyse,diagnose,andresolveApplication/ServerissuesonWindowsServerson ourcloud.
  • Maintenance of Citrix VDI Environment, backups,DR.
  • Interacting with clients wheneverand wherever necessary.


  • StrongexperienceofWindowsServer,CloudTechnologyandVirtualization.
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of ateam

Desired Skills:

  • Strong written and verbal communicationskills.
  • Competent to handle USclients.

Educational Qualifications:

  • BTech/ BCA/ MTech/ MCA/ B.Sc.

Professional Experience:

  • 2 to 5 Years

Job Location:

  • Gurugram, Haryana

Manager-VDI (1 Positions)

Title: Manager-VDI

No. of Positions: 1
About RTDS:

Real Time Data Services is a group of companies thriving in the domain of global information technology by serving clients in the field of Cloud Computing, Telecommunications and Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) since 2010. Our global tier-1 network and range of integrated data centres empower us to provide flawless services to global customers spread across the world via, Managed Hosting services, Managed storage and back up, managed database and colocation.

Our expertise in cloud computing, cloud telephony & other IT services allows us to deliver solutions that simplify the business and enhance their performance. We provide the following services:

  • Accounting and business applications on the cloud
  • Server virtualization and consolidation solutions for building private clouds
  • Cloud-based communication services to connect within organizations
  • Provide a lean, scalable, Bespoke and cost-effective telecommunication service to help businesses expand their businesses

We believe strongly that the space between Next and Now is ‘How’. How we ensure we are one step ahead of what the businesses need is by exploring and creating new frontiers. Converting technology trends into advantages for our clients is our forte and with our offerings we help enable our clients’ business in their pursuit of ‘Next’.


  • More than 6,000 Clients globally
  • Microsoft Direct Partner under the CSP Program
  • Intuit authorized Commercial Hosting Provider
  • Registered NASSCOM member since 2016
  • Registered member of the Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association (ITSPA) in the United Kingdom
  • User Favourite Award by AccounTex USA in 2016, ‘Great User Experience Award’ by Finances Online in 2018, K2 Quality Award For Customer Satisfaction in 2019
  • 8 Data centres located across USA

Job Description:

  • Experience in designing highly secured enterprise data centers and migrating large systems to new
    Data Centers and cloud
  • Conceptualize, design and deploy VDI (VMware Horizon, Citrix Virtual apps and Desktop) solutions
    along with Subject matter experts from various technical teams.
  • Hands on experience in Software-defined-networking, virtualization, automated bare-metal
    provisioning, software-defined-storage, database, identity and security engineering, architecture, and
  • Manage and Monitor Citrix and Horizon Farms, back up operations, maintenance, and day to day
    operations for managing the whole cloud infra.
  • Lead in Innovating, conceptualizing, and providing POC for various products as per Customer
    requirement and Product roadmap of the company.
  • Manage resource utilization and streamline processes to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Hands on experience on Automation, DevOps and CICD tooling and should have designed and
    architected private clouds in the past.
  • Should be well versed with all levels of Security in Cloud and IT Space.
  • Manage the Cloud infra and work along with Sales, Support and Security Team for ensuring seamless
    implementation of project as per SLA and Compliance required.

Desired Skills:

  • Should have at-least 7-10 years of experience in Cloud Computing, at least two years in VDI and has
    experience of leading a team.